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Round Yoga Bolster | Green Diamond

Round Yoga Bolster | Green Diamond

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Are there times when you find you can't focus or pay attention which leads you to stressful worrying?

A Mayo Clinic study published in PubMed, found that daily yoga can reverse these patterns (PMID 2364443368)

Dedicated mental down-time can help you reduce exhaustive stress worrying. Choose your yoga support to catch your eye to remind you to take time for a little mental and physical health boost!

A little reminder for a little quiet time for better health. That is a pretty great investment, don't you think?

Product Benefits

  • More open and comfortable chest opening as no sharp edges
  • More support in back or side bends due to higher loft
  • Enhance postures, anatomically supportive to all body shapes
  • Promote restorative postures to create relaxation, soften postures and aid in release tense tissues
  • Create grounding and support in such practices as hatha, restorative, nidra, and yin

Product Details

  • premium fabric - poly-cotton smooth satin with embroidery design
    • 2-3 lbs (.91-1.36 kg) light-weight for safe adjustment
    • optimal size 8" (20 cm) diameter 24" (60 cm) length
    • poly-fill resists flatten like cotton/kapok batting
    • genuine handcrafted solid construction for durability
    • wide comfortable carrying handle for yogis on the go
    • eco-conscious, poly-fill centre for allergy sensitive practitioners
    • covers mindful handcrafted in Calgary, Alberta Canada

    Product Care

    • removable cover with easy glide zipper for easy care cleaning
    • cold water wash in mild detergent and hang dry. 

    Enhanced Experience

    • tuck under knees to create more comfort and grounding in your daily habits such as reading
    • pillow firmness allows body to drape in supported positions to activate acupressure points
    • gain back relief with placing under knees during savasana
    • can't sleep, use as a body pillow to gain comfort to get better rest 

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    Five star review of Round Yoga Bolster


    Positive experience with this local company. Great timely service and thank you.

    We are here to support you in supporting your pose!