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Yoga Bolster & Eye Pillow Set| Blue Grey Watercolor

Yoga Bolster & Eye Pillow Set| Blue Grey Watercolor

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Your body takes the tolls of life every day.

Let your yoga bolster with matching eye pillow do their job to release the day with increased body comfort and support to help you feel re-energized for your life.

Dedicating a small amount of time in your day can bring you great health benefits:

~better sleep

~more focus and better concentration

~less anxious

~more energy and a happier life.

Bring this bolster set into your space. It will faithfully be waiting to restore you to a refreshed and re-energized version of you!

Product Benefits

  • More open and comfortable chest opening as no sharp edges
  • More support in back or side bends due to higher loft
  • Enhance postures, anatomically supportive to all body shapes
  • Promote restorative postures to create relaxation, soften postures and aid in release tense tissues
  • Create grounding and support in such practices as hatha, restorative, nidra, and yin

Product Details

  • premium fabric - cotton - poly/cotton
    • 2-3 lbs (.91-1.36 kg) bolster light-weight for safe adjustment
    • optimal size 8" (20 cm) diameter 24" (60 cm) length bolster
    • poly-fill resists flatten like cotton/kapok batting
    • genuine handcrafted solid construction for durability
    • wide comfortable carrying handle for yogis on the go
    • eco-conscious, poly-fill centre for allergy sensitive practitioners
    • mindful handcrafted in Calgary, Alberta Canada

    Product Care

    • removable cover with easy glide zipper for easy care cleaning
    • cold water wash in mild detergent and hang dry. 

    Enhanced Experience

    • tuck under knees to create more comfort and grounding in your daily habits such as reading
    • pillow firmness allows body to drape in supported positions to activate acupressure points
    • gain back relief with placing under knees during savasana
    • can't sleep, use as a body pillow to gain comfort to get better rest 

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    Customer Reviews

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    Yessss you get two! I wasn't super sure when I ordered (you know how confusing online shopping / etsy can be, 2020 has changed so much) but woohoo! These sweet lil pillows are perfect for my Restorative and Yin home practices. I use them in my Yoga Nidra practice as well - really, any joint where you need to remove tension is a great place to put these sweet miniature bolsters.
    I personally would recommend use between your bum and heels if you find your knees are burning during kneeling postures such as child's pose. Or, you can order some of the shops Cork blocks.

    *If your knees are burning in kneeling postures: The burning is a negative warning sign. Please use a yoga prop! How to support your pose is included in your order.

    Deepen your practice with our Weighted Yoga Pack.

    ... you can warm ours for a whole new experience! Check them out!