Hi, I'm Ellen Wolfe, Founder of My Yoga Room Elements

Yoga and meditation bring calm and balance into my life. But, when company arrived, I found myself putting my yoga props in the closet or throwing them behind the sofa because they looked out of place.

The question here is .... shouldn't the elements that support your calm, balance and happiness be centerpieces of your living space?

I think so!

Equipment or life preservers? What are yours?

Yoga and meditation supports you on such a deep level. It seems perfectly natural to invest in products that reflect your personality and life goals. After all, what is more important than investing your good mental health and physical wellness to live the life you desire?

So, with that in mind, I set out to design premium props to be part of my living space. An absolutely priceless investment to support my balanced life. And now, you can have that too!

Supporting your NOW...

What started out as designing beautiful props for my own practice, I was soon being approached by people in my yoga classes asking about my props.

"Where did you get that? .....

"Would you make one for me?"

"My sister would "LOVE" that!! Where can I purchase it?"

Did I just create exciting yoga props? I guess I did. The epiphany moment ... if you love your yoga supports, they will become part of your health and wellness lifestyle. Without a doubt, it did it for me.

I am forever grateful for the steps I have taken in my yoga life journey, leading me to this moment where I can support you in supporting the life you want!!

The next step is yours.

We stand behind our products to support you in your health and wellness

30 years of sewing experience, CHECK

Clinical Massage Therapist, CHECK

Yoga and Meditation Teacher, CHECK

Knowledge and experience with a magnitude of dedication to design a collection of yoga products that are therapeutically supportive, durable, and eco-consciously produced to support you in your practice for years and years to come.

You bet!

It is our mission here at My Yoga Room Elements to support your investment in your yoga practice by create eco-conscious yoga products to promote your health and wellness in balancing mind and body for movement in life.