Sizing Infinity Meditation Scarf

Sizing is not based on clothing size or height, to get an accurate fit, please follow the following steps.

Step One: Get Comfortable*

Find your most comfortable cross-leg seated position. Sit for a few moments until your most comfortable position is attained. (Please note, this is a personal choice, there is no right or wrong way, images are provided to guide you to your comfort.)

Step Two: Grab your tape measure.

Locate your knee cap and place your tape measure on the lower part of the cap (Position A).

Run the tape measure along the line of the knee, thigh, around the lower back/buttock area and along the opposite leg and back to the bottom of the knee cap on the opposite leg (Position B).

Step Three:

Determine the measurement and match it to the size table.

If the measurement falls on the end of size range, choose the next larger size.
For example, if you measure 59" (150 cm) choose size LARGE.

 XS (Extra Small) 47" to 51" (120 to 130 cm)

S (Small) 51" to 55" (130 to 140 cm)

M (Medium) 55" to 59" (140 to 150 cm)

L (Large) 59" to 63" (150 to 160 cm)

XL (Extra Large) 63" to 66" (160 to 170 cm)


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I am 5 foot, 7 inches what size should I choose?

A: The fit of your Infinity Meditation Seat sizing is based on the "measurement" in your comfortable cross-leg seated position, measuring from Position A to Position B.  Sizing is not based on an individuals height, weight or standard clothing sizes.

Q: Can my child use this?

A: Unfortunately no.  This is not a toy, a baby sling or hammock for free-air suspension and should only be used by adults.

Q: Can I adjust these meditation scarves?

A: Yes! We have provided a strap for you to adjust your meditation seat as some days you are just more flexible than others.  But please note these can only be adjusted within a moderate range and accurate sizing in the beginning will serve you best.

Q: Is this just for meditation?

A: Absolutely not! Our amazing community have generously shared with us their new discoveries. 

  • Use as a comfortable seat camping, outdoor events, going to the park, hiking
  • Indoor seating: games with friends, book club, workshops, children's events where only floor seating available
  • Used as shawl in chilly weather
  • A wrapped head scarf in windy locations
  • Snack and water bottle holder - twisted within the sling and worn cross body style
  • Used as a stretch strap in yoga asana practice
  • Such fabulous uses we thank our community for sharing and we look forward to receiving your creative use of this versatile prop.

Q: What if my measurement is beyond what you provide?

Please contact us, as these are custom made in house, we will most likely be able to provide a scarf length that supports you in your pose.

Q: What exactly is the Infinity Meditation Scarf, and how does it help with sitting cross-legged?

A: The Scarf is a supportive device designed to align the spine and support the lower back and hips, making it more comfortable to sit cross-legged for extended periods. It provides postural alignment and back/spine support, reducing discomfort and back pain.

Q: How do I use the Meditation Scarf?

A: Using the Infinity Meditation Scarf is simple:

Unsnap the two-part buckle.

Sit in a crossed-leg seated position on the floor or a cushion.

Wrap the sling around your knee caps, encasing your legs and lower back.

Snap the buckle together. If fit is not quite right, lift knees up and adjust the fit with the strap. Repeat process until it feels right for you.

Relax and enjoy the snug support.

Q: Is the Scarf suitable for outdoor activities like hiking and camping?

A: Absolutely! The scarf is designed for portability and convenience, making it perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, park concerts, and festivals. It folds up easily, can be slung over the shoulder, and even used as a scarf.

Q: Can I wash the Infinity Meditation Scarf?

A: Yes, the scarfs are made from washable materials, ensuring easy maintenance and hygiene.

Q: What are the benefits of using the Infinity Meditation Scarf during meditation or yoga practices? A: The Scarf offers several benefits, including support for the back and knees, spinal alignment to reduce back pain, comforting compression, and the ability to extend meditation time due to increased comfort.

Q: How do I find the right size of Infinity Meditation Scarf for me?

A: To find your size, sit in a crossed-leg position and measure from your right kneecap, around your back, to your left kneecap. Choose the size that fits your measurement. Remember, your height is not a factor; it's about your flexibility.

Q: Can I use the Scarf for activities other than meditation and yoga?

A: Yes, the Scarf is versatile and can be used for various activities, including workshops, retreats, and even as a casual seat for floor or ground sitting.

Q: How durable is the Infinity Meditation Scarf?

A: The Scarf is made with quality materials and features a two-part adjustable buckle, ensuring both durability and longevity for use in seated poses.

Q: Is the Scarf suitable for people with existing back pain?

A: Many users find that the Scarf helps alleviate back pain by providing proper alignment and support. However, it's always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional if you have pre-existing back issues.