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9' Yoga Strap | Colour Options

9' Yoga Strap | Colour Options

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Yoga Strap / Yoga Equipment / Stretch Strap

We are all not built the same so our yoga straps allow us to benefit from our yoga poses by providing extension.

We can now reach our feet in forward folds, create beneficial binds, attain better postural alignments and so much more!

Product Benefits:

  • durable construction with welded d-rings
  • non-slip, pliable webbing
  • wider than most bands so avoids cutting into skin
  • longer length than standard straps
  • mindfully handcrafted in Calgary, Alberta Canada

Product Details:

  • stainless steel, heavy gauge, welded D rings
  • poly/cotton blend
  • textured webbing to reduce slippage in the hands or on the body
  • 22 mm thickness to reduce the amount of collapsing or folding
  • 9' Long - longer length for longer legs or more complex restorative poses
  • 1 1/2 Wide - less chance of cutting into the skin

Product Care:

  • Washable poly / cotton blend (hand-wash or place in washing bag in your laundry)

Enhanced Experience:

  • In standing forward fold loop under balls of feet to create balance in your fold
  • In meditation, create a figure 8 loop. Slip arms thro loop having the cross at your back and the straps around the shoulder/chest.  Add tension to the strap to assist the shoulders to draw back and improve your spinal alignment
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Five star review of Yoga Strap


Fine product, just as advertised - thank you!

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